Hi All!

What a great beginning of the year! We have really enjoyed hearing the response to the new business and am excited to bring you some great auctions in the upcoming months! Thank you all for your support and kind words – it really does mean the world to us.

Over the past couple weeks we took a trip to the Tampa Bay Convention and enjoyed catching up with all of you who were there. It’s easy to forget how nice a couple days in the sun with friends can be after being stuck in NYC or Chautauqua up to our eyeballs in snow (or in NYC, gray slush). Most recently, Dad came down to the city to pick me up and head out on a little antiquing excursion. Always love these weekends – reminds me of when we would go hunting for RS Prussia, or Carnival, or Czech (especially the perfume bottles for Mom), and so much more. Not many know this story, but when I was really little we would have games to play in the antique stores. My favorite was (and admittedly, still is) the “Mickey Mouse” game. Mom, Dad, and I would start at the beginning of the store and we each would carefully search the booths till we were the first to yell “Mickey Mouse, I win” ! I think this started when I was 3 or 4…over twenty years later you can still hear us “Mickey Mouse, I win” when we go antiquing together! It’s such a fun memory to have and am so lucky that we all still have just as much fun now as we did twenty-something years ago.

As I am sure you received in your inboxes, we have five auctions this weekend! Be sure to take a look and get your bids in! We ask ourselves, why have one auction in a weekend when you can have five, right!?

Wishing each of you the best and should you have any questions or concerns about upcoming auctions, consigning, or anything else do not hesitate to give us a call or an email!

Till next time,